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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  November 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. it is the start to the day with a lot of fog coming up -- let's look at the watch warning and add voice reon the graphic. it is seven counties under a dense fog advisory. the western shore of southern maryland and the lower 50 corridor and that special weather statement and maryland and delaware, potential fog, but otherwise, a sunny and nice day. we are on our way to a high of about 64 and then partly sunny this evening. getting ready to get up and go, here is a look at traffic control. two accidents, here is one at german hill road and we have an accident at east boulevard and here is a look at the speeds on the beltway, delay
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free for now. the traffic is light in that shot. the topside is running smoothly, also. we are always on, traffic information any time, log onto our web site. here is what people are talking about, the sexual abuse allegations against a former assistant football coach at penn state university. we heard from another man that said he was touched as he participated in his charity known as "the second mile ." >> he put his hand on my thigh and he just kept it there. sometimes a squeeze, but he just kept it there and it made me uncomfortable. >> the fall out is growing and the new york times said that the head coach will be removed from his job in weeks, if not days. >> the students were rallying
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outside the home of the penn state football coach wednesday night and fretd him like a rock star. >> it is hard to say what this means to me. >> even with the admiration of students, the coach is battling to hold onto his job -- i hate to see joe go like this. >> the assistant coach is charged with the sexual assault of eight boys in 15 years and he has taken heat for not going to police after a grad student said he told him he saw an assault in 2002 inside the shower. he told the administration, but they did not alert authorities. he is the legend here. he has won two national championships and pushed the players to succeed on and off the field. he played in the late 70s and was on the board for the
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"second mile ." it makes you sick to see that this could happen to this level! (inaudible). >> espn said he may be able to tip out this season, but will not be back for another one. senator curry was seen smiling with his legal team leaving the federal courthouse downtown after the 74-year-old was acquitted for using political influence in exchange for money. more information on a woman that settled a sexual harassment complaint with
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herman cain. she has filed another report three years later and cain sounded off on that yesterday. >> these are false and now the democrat machine in american has prat for a troubled woman to make false allegations, statements, many of which exceed common sense. >> a total of four women said he sexually harrassed them and two are anonymous. back here in this state, winning her first elected turn at mayor, let's go outside city hall. >> good morning. the mayor said that the focus will be to grow the city and making it a center of being creative. blake won her first election by
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a landslide. nine in ten voted for her. (applause). the mayor and her supporters celebrated last night, she said that tough times will be coming. >> there is no doubt that we have, old fears to overcome and tough decisions to get baltimore growing again, but if we have learned anything in the last months, it is that baltimore can go against the odds and win. >> blake won in less than 10% of the voters. >> there is nothing they can do about that. not near the activity we should have had. >> some highly-contestd council
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places. >> now that blake has won, exceptions are high. >> i think that she is probably in the same position and william donald shaver was when he was elected. she has dpl support on a state and federal level. >> she became the city council president in 2007 and rose to the position of mayor early last year after she the former mayor resigned. as for the close council races -- . go to our web site for more election results. the police watched as workers made forced entries into the homes to get the gas back on. a meeting was held to talk to frustrated homeowners and the
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work should be done in a few days. and at the zoo in canada, here is two male pen against brought in to breed with the females, but they bonded with each other. they will be separated and put with females for breeding as a species survival plan. >> these penguins should be left alone. >> the zoo said they could not let another season go by without them breeding. the defense attorneys said that the prosecution never
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showed who fired the air celebrating and now the orioles will name their new general manager. more on dan coming up. >> he became the latest in what is now a long line of executives to try to turn around a baseball franchise that is now suffered through 14 straight losing seasons. (applause). he has the orioles tradition on his mind and he talked about restoring the old floor redays and the ways. >> it is sound scouting, building a team that the fans can be proud of. i know that the fans are ready for competition and so are we. >> we were fortunate to have
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someone like him with his background and experience and the needs and player development and the leadership. >> the new against manager will get the endorsement, but the hiring will come with concern. he was away from the major leagues for almost a decade and it is something he said would help him. >> my focus will be sharper and better. we will have that after being away from the game. we have the opportunity to look at running the ball club and from not being in the seat of the general manager and that gave me some insight to be helpful and have value in this opportunity -- he got the three- year contract and he will hire a director of scouting and baseball free agency period, many decisions to make on which players to keep and who is available to sign. he said he wanted to build around three key players.
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the ravens will head back to the practice field. we will have more on that raven's game on sunday at 4:00 right here on wjz -- yesterday was almost perfect. >> it was! -- some fog in the area, not an issue in the metro, but it is. right, the three schools that are delaying their start to school is rolling at the bottom of the screen. at the room we are in now, we don't see the bottom of the screen! (laughs). >> we have that on an in-house
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screen. >> we could be sitting here dumb and broke if we won the lotto, we could not see the numbers. (laughs) -- looking at the forecast today, we are dealing with the fog around the area, not the metro. sunshine, partly sunny later. 42 now and 60 at lunch, 57 this evening. ron, we have more coming up this morning. >> where are we? >> let me tell you something, this is so great, we come here every year and it is the best dressed sale, how do you like this top coat i have on? >> good looking. >> wait until i tell you how much it costs. >> i thought we did not have the heat on. >> i just bought it, too! (laughs). >> i was getting ready to ask. we have the ladies more from the women's board of john
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hopkins hospital and it is an unbelievable sale when we continue our news this morning. , >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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. that was taken a season ago. calm winds, the barometer is at 38.18 and one cooler than at this time in the metro. the upper 30s on the east end and ocean city. columbia and bellaire is 36 and 38 in west minister. we have the clear skies in the area and more on the forecast, we talked about that for the last few days, moving north of the great lakes, the shower
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activity and dragging the cold front in the area tomorrow and that will happen and it will quickly get off the coast and the skies will clear and back to a nice weekend. 64, a high today, mostly sunny skies and the normal is 58. 49 and mostly cloudy overnight and the normal is 38 and 59 will the high tomorrow. we will clear out on friday and saturday and sunday and monday, back to sunshine and 58 and 63 and 64. take it away. here is a lock at the rush hour traffic. >> good morning. a bit more to talk about. we have a new accident on 83, south bound, approaching the german hill road and another one there on the east side at benefittroke -- ben road. 95 is starting to get busy as you can see as well. there is the south bound lanes, you may have to tap the brakes
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on 895 and there is a look, delay free there and there is an accident north of there. there is the traffic report brought to you by your toyota dealer. now is the time to make the jump. back to you guys. very good! indeed! we are here with don, how much did you pay for that coat? >> it is a blended cash mere top coat, how much do you think? >> 125. >> $40! >> $40. >> i thought i was cutting the price in half -- that is going to look so good with your ear muffs and orioles baseball hat and boots doing manic monday in the middle of the winter. i cannot wait to see that pgh >> reporter: we are here at the
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age -- carriage house. we are so happy to be here. when will this all start? >> it will start thursday evening, a ticketed event. you can pay 35u dollars at the door or $45 in advance, 4:00 to 8:00 and the viewers will get the preview of the clothing we have for sale here. >> friday and saturday and sunday is free by the way, you walk in and shop and get bargains. >> right. all the proceeds from the sale go to benefit patient care at the hospital. that is the reason for our organization and events. the businesses at the hospital, the proceeds go to benefit the hospital. >> here is more from the coach to the best dressed here. you said that the businesses
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and people were just wonderful to give you the clothing? >> we have had so many wonderful donations of new clothing and jones and jones and the little shoe box. furs here and we have to mention that the men's clothing here is off the charts. i was in the back. >> many men don't realize it, it is not just a women's sale. we will have 20 to 30 racks of men's clothing and suits and pants and sweaters and accessories and ties are 10 each -- and they are beautiful. here are some things. what are you wearing there. >> i got this for $5. off the rack! come on in, there is something for everybody and we have the
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clothing and accessories and we have the shoes and we have the boots. >> i wanted to show you, the shoes, women's shoes, brand -- i'm caught on a hanger there. what is that pair of shoes? >> they range from maybe $200,400 they are selling for $75 they usually start at 650. >> any ray rice jerseys? >> i'm looking in the back now. >> a man's london fog jacket, $20. here is something else! here is something that really caught my eye, that is so nice. >> next year's halloween costume. >> (laughs). >> $75. >> about $75, probably with retail, if it is not a designer name, from four to five and if it is a designer piece,
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thousands of dollars. let's go over the hours here, at the museum and library -- this will all dough go to patient care at john hopkins hospital. we need customers and we want to sell everything and everything is priced to move out the door had you come in. >> what a salesperson right here. we are moving them tonight, ladies and gentlemen. thank you, very much. good luck, it is the 44th annual best dressed sale. i got mine! have a great day, guys. >> we are good. tell everybody over there hello. we will be right back after this break -- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. more on the death of a hip- hop legend. heavy d has passed away at the all of 44. more information on what may have happen to him. herman cain is denying all allegations of sexual misconduct and is refusing to quit the gop race. that and the response from the gop arrivals coming up. more outside of city hall, blake has won her race for mayor. she said that there are some tough times coming up -- more on the traffic control. it is starting to slow down, more on the speed sensors and cameras, but first over to marty. the cold and flu season and half the city has gotting that walking crude that has been around for about a week.
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ask peggy fleming, but she is talking about the real flu season. how to deal with that? maybe the perfect remedy. more on that as the morn,,,,,,,,
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. a clear start to the day, the school advisories at the bottom of the screen and automobile advisories from sharron, but here is a look at weather. you can see the counties near the watershed, the western shore of southern maryland and the lower corridor, there are some fog issues now and the best weather statement could be a fog issue, but if it does not happen in the next 45 minutes, i don't think it will. looking at the day, a lot of sun in the outlook, partly sunny at dinner and on the way
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to the mid 60s and 57 at dinner time. don! on the way to work and school, here is a look at traffic control. >> good morning. if you are just heading out, a new accident on 70 and 29 and more on 83, that crash there at merit and green hill road and an accident on eastern boulevard and that one is finally clearing and speeds slow on the west side, 38 miles per hour and it is 17 minutes drive time. the brake lights in the south bound lanes on the right between the beltway and there is a look at 83. this is brought to you by toyota. test the new 2012. back over to you. the top of the news this half hour, the allegations
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against presidential hopeful herman cain. here is more for wjz. >> herman cain is refusing to drop out of the gop race and at a news conference yesterday, he denied all allegations, including groping a chicago woman over ten years ago of. >> i was very, very surprised and very shocked. >> she went public with the claims monday, but he said he never even met that 50-year-old and said she was a product of the democratic machine. >> the charges and the accusations i absolutely reject, they simply did not happen. >> that as another accuser revealed herself to cbs news. the 55-year-old wants to hold a press conference with all the accusers. she said that the whole
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situation is so volatile she did not want to say more. others are speaking out and newt gingrich told cain to fully answer the charges. mitt romney weighed in for the first time monday with an interview with abc news. >> when a charge like this comes forward, it is a serious matter that should be taken seriously. >> it will likely come up in the next debate for the first time when this scandal broke -- cain said he will take a lie detector test to show he is innocent. bill clin clinton has more on how to create new jobs and how to be energy independent and said he supports the american's jobs bill that is stalled in congress. the owners of the mountain
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washington tavern are in a race to rebuild by preakness weekend. it burned down in a two-alarm fire last weekend and the owners said that they will have it open in time for the preakness in may. the voters went to the polls and gave break an overwhelming victory. we are live outside of city hall with more on that. >> good morning. the mayor celebrated with supporters last night in south baltimore at a mexican restaurant. she told the supporters that there is still a bumpy road ahead. the mayor has won her first election by a landslide. nine in ten voters voted for her. the mayor and supporters
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celebrated last night and she said that the tough times are still ahead. >> there are challenges to con front. old fears to overcome and tough decisions to make to get baltimore growing again, but if we learned anything in this last 20 months, baltimore can go against the odds and win. >> she won the election on low voter turn out. fewer than 10% cast a ballot yesterday. >> everything is already set, the persons that are going to be in will be in and there is nothing to do about that. no activity near what we should have. >> not a lot of contestd council races. now that blake has won, exceptions are high. >> i think that she is probably in the same position that william donald shaver was when
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he was elected. she has big support on a state and federal level. >> the city council president jack young won his bid last night, but said he is disappointed with the low voter turn out and wants to see the city elections with the presidential cycle -- back to you. >> the voters approved two ballot questions yesterday, one is a fund to support schools and one for 21 to 18 on a seat on the council. in brooklyn yesterday, a building fell in on its and the firefighters had to cut through the rubble to get the trapped out. bp will wind down the clean up in the gulf. they will focus to restore the areas damaged. in a plan approved by the coast guard, they will not have to
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clean up the oil that is on the shore unless it is shown it came from their well. a narcotic's investigation was in progress when a suspect took off and drug the police officer. he is being treated for arm injuries. the state senator accused of taking money for his political flew was found not guilty. >> after a trial of six weeks and deliberating 3 1/2 days, the jury gave the senator and his defense team a sweeping victory and the prosecution a big defeat. they were all smiles leaving the courthouse, vindicated that he used his political power to help shoppers warehouse for a quarter of a million dollars.
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>> a rough four years, for my wife and family and i and my squints, also. it is the greatest moment of my life -- he was accused of a bribery and conspiracy, but the jury said that they were not convinced beyond a reasonalbe doubt that he intentd to break the law in their interest. >> i think he knew the ethical lines that should be respected and we are not sure that he always met the goal on that, but it is a hard call to make. >> the u.s. attorney issued a brief statement and said that he is aware that many corruption trials end in acquital and he will not complain about the outcome of this one. even though there was an acquital, there could be ethic
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violations against him. he helped to shape the hip hop world, and now the music world is mourning the death of heavy d. he was produce announced dead at an l.a. hospital yesterday shortly after collapsing outside of his home. it was reported he had pneumonia. he had theme copings for "in living color "and now he is dead at the age of 44. if you listen to the radio today. at 2:00, a nation-wide test of the reworked alert system will be tested. it is only a test and will last about 30 seconds. the pittsburgh stealer's coach said he has not gotten
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over the second loss to the ravens and in a poll, how did your thoughts change? and after this play sunday in the game, this was a hit not flagged, but the replay showed helmet to helmet contact and some other players are facing types for similar hits. back to practice today for the ravens. don't miss this sunday's game with the sea hawks in seattle. we will have more of that live at 4:00 sunday afternoon right here on wjz 13. seeing that play, i'm not sure it was a good question. i think we know that joe has the tools. he has the demeaner. if there is a knock on him,
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maybe he is not outwardly emotional. that is like someone with ice in their veins. it is not that he is not a great athlete, but we don't know the offense that will show up. we don't know what offense will come to the game. we know what the defense will bring. it is always a guessing game and i think that the question could have been -- you are laughing! >> it was about the emotion on the screen. >> it is always, we will find out. they need to stream together three offense performances in a row like we saw in pittsburgh. >> it has been a question all season. >> it has been for the last 16 years. at 4:00, can i say
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something -- we are -- excuse me, we are two weeks from thanks giving. who brought in the whoppers! is it time to bring in the hal hoe wean candy. there is nothing like a whopper for breakfast. >> i have some in the car that i'm waiting for the rest to be eaten. >> excuse me, i know you have some in your car! you had your fill! there you go. >> they are in the trunk. >> truthfully, the breakfast of champions. >> but every day this week, halloween candy on the table back in the break room. >> wait a minute, when the management comes in, what will appear! it is 64 for the high today. >> i want one of those. >> here is one. mostly sunny skies in the area. it will be a fine afternoon. what about the rest of the week in weather?
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we will have more. we will have more on coffee talk and the flu and how to win $100,000 we will connect that bridge here and would you like another one of these? >> i feel that there is another one in there. >> i can talk with that, too! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. good morning. calm winds, one cooler than this time yesterday. another nice start. the temperatures in the low 40s. the low to mid 30s. 38 in elkins. below 40 in washington d.c. and bellaire and columbia, 38. a nice beautiful flow, watching the low pressure dragging the moisture over the from lakes and that low that is behind me
6:47 am
will drag the cold front in the area. more in the forecast and what you want to see when you look at the outlook. no real prices -- surprises coming our way. that cold front will swing in the area tomorrow and showers will clear the coast and the skies are bright and we go onto a nice weekend. 64 today and 49 tonight and the normals are 58 and 38. tomorrow we will see the clouds and sun. some showers around, not a ton of rain, but a ton of showers. look at the weekend, back to almost 60 and the low mid 60s for the weekend, starting next week, saturday and sunday and monday, looking really, really good. with fog showing up and the traffic cameras, here is a look from traffic control. looking at the traffic cameras, first an accident on 70 east bound at 29 and the
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eight minutes delay behind that one now. watching for an accident approaching and there is a look at 795, eight minutes there to the beltway. delays on the west side, minor on the topside and slowing down on 83 south bound approaching free done yaw road. visit your toyota dealer today. this is ready, are you? thank you. this morning's "coffee with "is with peggy fleming and a nurse. >> welcome to the morning show! >> someone is sick here. >> i knew that it would mess up. >> they are not feeling well, they are not washing their hands enough! >> hold on a minute.
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curious, we will get to the contest in a moment, don't mess this up, why did you say that? >> you sounded like you had an echo and made a funny sound when you introduced us, are you doing an instrument. >> no, that is the studio audience -- okay! >> those are the peggy fleam me tapes! >> good! >> good! >> one other thing, nurse barbara, you sound like you are familiar with baltimore. >> i am. my brother lives in the area. i grew up in maryland. i love baltimore and the crowds and the harbor and i'm a member of your national aquarium. >> good for you. >> i am from california, but i have been to baltimore. >> okay. that is not a bad thing.
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it is just another state and those medals pretty much say united states of america. >> that is everything. really quick, let's talk about this -- we are coming up on cold and flu season and can you tell us about this because we are trying to figure it out. >> i teamed up to launch the act of relief campaign and in the next 100 days of the toughest days of the cold and flu season, they will give away 00,000 simple acts of relief and a grand prize of $100,000. >> what is the simple act of relief. >> isn't that cool? it is what peggy would use if she was skating, a scarf or cup of cocoa, but this amazing new application for your smart phone or access it on the web. this is what will happen.
6:51 am
i see a patient that is sick and they foe the -- go to the cold and medicine aisle, they are sick and how do they know how to see what to get. in this appear my indication, you put in the symptoms and you know what to get and you can get information on the pharmacies in your area. you can go to simple act of relief and enter to win the 100,000-dollar grand prize. >> that is really cool -- that would help with a lot of symptoms. >> you have to laugh in life. it is what we have. >> we all came second to steven hawking! >> my gosh! (laughs). that is good! i was working on something, it was with withtroke a d. >> here is what is happening. people have to push through
6:52 am
the cold and flu season and i always tell my patients to rest, rest, rest. who can do that these days, you have to rest, take the kids to school or you are an announcer and you have to push through. what do you do? the other day i was in new orleans and i had a sneeze, but i could not take something that would make me drowsy and i used the application and found the right medicine for me. >> when you have the first signs and symptoms of the cold or flu, take the medicine right off. it will ease you through that. washing your hands, you know the drill. it is common sense. find out more on that. >> there is the web site. >> it was great to have you. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> he is really a sweet person
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-- we had fun this morning. a huge round of applause for our guesses. >> i love that. thank you. thank you, guys. stay well. don't goof off. >> they are having too much fun! -- a lot of fun. . we were having fun. we were having fun. more on the weather ,, bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy starĀ® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at
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. an upgrade for you, let's look at the forecast today. no change at all. 64, the high. a beautiful morning, the low 40s, sunshine, the rest of the day, now over to sharron and
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the traffic control. good morning. >> good morning. judging from the capital murder raw -- from the cameras, we could see a back up on u.s. 40 and three minutes delay on warren road accident, that is at german hill and another involving a bus onville veer spring road. delays to the beltway, there is a look at the drive times and speeds and the delay on 83 and the sun. this traffic report is brought to you and we will have more on the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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